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Alpha Oil Tools manufactures setting tools, including Baker 10 and Baker 20 style and sizes, to provide dependable service for deployment of cement retainers, bridge plugs, and packers.

  • Wireline
  • Hydraulic
  • Mechanical


Alpha Oil Tools offers a range of wireline pressure setting tools, available in both #10 and #20 sizes. These tools are trusted for their reliability in deploying bridge plugs, packers, or cement retainers.

Operating similarly to other #10 or #20 setting tools, the Alpha Wireline Pressure Setting Tool ensures seamless functionality.

For comprehensive information, including pricing and technical details, please reach out to your Alpha Oil Tools representative. Please note that Alpha Oil Tools does not provide power charges or ignitors.

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Introducing the Model B Mechanical Setting Tool, engineered to efficiently run and set Alpha’s Model B Sleeve Valve Cement Retainer and Model B-1 Bridge Plug. Designed for ease of operation and minimal maintenance, this tool offers reliable performance for your well operations.

This setting tool is Baker compatible and features a stinger seal and built-in snap latch. Importantly, its versatile design allows for repeated use without requiring disassembly after each run.

The setting tool is adaptable for casing sizes ranging from 4 1/2 through 20″, ensuring compatibility with a variety of well configurations. Trust the Model B Mechanical Setting Tool for efficient and hassle-free deployment of cement retainers and bridge plugs.

Tubing/Casing OD: 4 1/2″ – 20″

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Introducing the Fury Hydraulic Setting Tool, engineered to effortlessly set bridge plugs, cement retainers, and packers using the work string, production tubing, or coil tubing. Its versatile design eliminates the need for rotation, making it particularly suitable for coil tubing and horizontal applications. Simply circulate the ball down to the Fury HST, apply the required pressure from the surface, and disconnect. The tubing will automatically drain as it comes out of the hole.

For instance, the Fury #20 requires 2824 PSI at the tool to shear a 50,000-pound stud (for 7″ & larger casing). The Fury HST accommodates most wireline adapter kits commonly used on the Baker No. 20 Wireline Pressure Setting Tool.

For information or assistance regarding our full line of Fury Hydraulic Setting Tools, please contact your Alpha Oil Tools representative, providing the following reference information with your inquiry.

Fury 5: 1.750″ OD

Fury 5 XLS:  1.750″  OD 

Fury 10: 2.750″ OD 

Fury 20: 3.812″ OD

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Meet the legacy Model FH™ Hydraulic Setting Tool. Developed by Alpha Oil Tools over 25 years ago and trusted world-wide, the Model FH™ Hydraulic Setting Tool is meticulously engineered to efficiently run and fully set the Model FH™ Sleeve Valve Cement Retainer, allowing for seamless cement squeezing or spotting in a single trip. While particularly recommended for deviated wells where mechanical or wireline set cement retainers may not be suitable, its straightforward operation and easy clean-up make it equally ideal for applications on drill pipe or tubing.

Rotation is unnecessary; simply run the tool to the predetermined setting depth, drop the ball, and then apply pressure to either the coiled tubing, drill pipe, or tubing to trigger the shear release. The FH™ Hydraulic Setting Tool fully sets the FH™ Cement Retainer, unlocks the ball seat, closes the circulation ports, opens the bypass, and automatically compensates setting travel. Subsequently, the sliding sleeve valve within the cement retainer can be controlled by picking up 2″ to close and setting down weight to open, followed by squeezing. Cement can also be placed on top of the cement retainer, with the large bypass area through the tool helping to prevent swabbing.

Please note that the ball seat cannot be pumped out until the setting sequence is complete, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Tubing/Casing OD: 2 3/8 – 9 5/8″

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