Let us introduce the Extra Range Bridge Plug: a specialized plug designed to navigate through restrictions and still securely set in larger diameters. Common obstructions like seating nipples often necessitate tubing removal before well service can proceed. However, the Extra Range Bridge Plug mitigates this need in many cases, streamlining operations and saving valuable time.

In the event that plug removal becomes necessary, it is advisable to employ a milling process. Given the plug’s broad setting range, it is constructed from mild steels, making milling a more suitable and effective removal method. Trust in the reliability and efficiency of the Extra Range Bridge Plug for applications where that extra range is required.

Tubing/Casing OD: 1 15/16″ – 3 1/2″

Max Pressure: N/A

Setting Tool: GO

Running Guidelines


  • Electric wireline set
  • Millable
  • Sets in any grade casing including P-110
  • For temporary or permanent service
  • Ratcheting lock ring holds setting force
  • Runs through restrictions to set in larger diameters

B-1 M

Introducing the B-1 “M” Bridge Plug: a top-tier solution offering cost-effective temporary zone isolation for treatments. Designed for versatility, the B-1 “M” plug can be set mechanically. With robust construction, the B-1 “M” Bridge Plug maintains integrity under high pressures and temperatures, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments.

The B-1 bridge plug is manufactured with drillable material for rapid drill out.

Tubing/Casing OD: 4 1/2″ – 20″

Max Pressure: 10K

Running Guidelines


  • Tubing set
  • Drillable cast iron construction
  • One piece bottom grip
  • Sets in any grade casing including P-110
  • Form-fitting metal back-ups prevent rubber extrusion
  • For temporary or permanent service

Other types of Bridge Plugs

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